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“This is real Vietnam!”

We have seen Vietnam from his best side but also the real hard life. When you are here you should spend some time with the easy riders, they are the best way to discover the landscape, lokal people and food.
You dont have to worry abouth a thing! Du helps you wherever he can. We start our 5day tour from mui ne with Du (the best tourguide). We had two big backbags, and two small- absolutely no problem!
We stoped for a lot interesting stuf, he always explained things very good and talkes to the lokal people, so you can ask whatever you want to know.
My boyfriend ride the motobike by himself and I was with Du. He always explained what to prepare for the day, so we hadnt to take off all our bags and grab into them- like when you go to swim at the waterfalls! We stoped for a elementary school and gave candys to them- that was fun!
You can ask for specal stops, like we had hunderets of >ca phe su da< we love vietnamese coffee !!
Or something we had seen already, we passed and went to see a peanut farm. The list with things to see and to do is longe, so dont worry, chill and follow your easyrider :D

Visited in March 2017 ( review by Eva Maria on tripadvisor)