“Cruising on motorbikes with Du”

My girlfriend and I were interested in riding bicycles or motorbikes around Vietnam. We stumbled across Du at his scooter rental shop in Da Lat. He offered to take us 5 days to Hoi An through the Central Highlands. Since I had zero experience on a motorbike and was new to Vietnam, it seemed like a good idea to have an expert guide take care of us for a few days.

After the first day we were glad we had a guide show us around the beautiful countryside. Du took care of everything such as the motorbikes, protective gear, itinerary, lodging, where to eat and what to order, places of interest along the way, history and people and culture of the area. It's like having a human Google hanging out with us at all times watching our back and looking out for our well-being. We got to experience restaurants that we never would have ventured into by ourselves as tourists. Having a translater was a huge plus in those places. Having a more authentic Vietnamese experience was worth every penny. Du was very laid back and patient and fun to be around. We trusted his recommendations and always felt safe with him...on and off the road. So if you ever get a chance in Vietnam and want to do something memorable and different, then hire Du to hang out with you on motorbikes and have a fun adventure.

Hotline: +84 989253394